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Air Separator for Air Compressor

Oil separators or oil demisters are used in compressed air systems and
vacuum pumps to remove the oil vapor from the compressed air after it has been compressed.
Air Compressor Services offers the highest quality
Oil/Air Separators to prevent oil carryover and loss.
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1.Product Introduction of theair separator for air compressor

Air oil separator is an important part of screw compressor.

Why air/oil separation?

Reduces oil consumption and service costs by keeping the oil in the oil circuit

Limits oil contamination and delivers clean air

Air oil separator is made of USA high efficiency fiberglass,it can filter and intercept a large amount of oil mist and impurities through specific physical principles.

The filter paper has a hot melt type between 20-100 ° C for easy folding forming.

The lower the force, the greater the separation effect of the product. German imported filter media

Processing technology: Folding process can provide product filtration area and extend product life

2.Product picture

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3.Product structure

air separator for air compressor.jpg

4.Product Testing

air separator for air compressor 2.jpg

5.Deliver and Shipping

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6.Cooperative customers

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7.Production workshop

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