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Air filters are used at two different spots in a compressed air system:
at the air in-take and in line with the piping.
Air filters are the more important of the two,
as they keep out the dust that causes wear to the compressor element,
valve and other essential components.
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1.The product description of Airman Air Filter

Our air filter dedicated for the screw air compressor can obviously help you solve the problems, such as high cost of filter materials and spare parts, frequent equipment failures, low efficiency in equipment use, high labor intensity, etc. Therefore, it is good for improving your productivity.

2.Part number of the product







3.OEM Replacement Filters

See our Filter Element Cross Reference Interchange to find the AYATER equivalent to an OEM filter element.

Our skilled production staff and flexible capacity allows us to efficiently produce both short and long production runs as well as meet demanding delivery times.

4.Product examing

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7.Application field

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