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Airman Oil Filter

oil filter Function:
1.Removing oil and water from the compressed air
2.Filter material have features like high filtration efficiency,
corrosion-resistant,high strength,
low air flow resistance,long service life
3.Oil resistance,chemical corrosion resistance,avoid coalescence liquid into air again.
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1.Product of Airman Oil Filter

It should be replaced once it has been used as long as the designed service life. Generally, the service life is of 2,000 hours. But it should be shortened when the air compressor is used in the bad application environment.You should replace it immediately after you hear the block warning signals. The filter blocking alarm should be set with the value of 1.0 to 1.4bar.

2.Part number of Airman Oil Filter







3.OEM Replacement Filters

AYATER designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of Filter and Strainer Replacement Elements which are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with industrial OEM filter manufacturer elements.See our Filter Element Cross Reference Interchange to find the AYATER equivalent to an OEM filter element.

4.Structure of Airman Oil Filter

Airman Oil Filter (1).jpg

Airman Oil Filter (3).jpg

Airman Oil Filter (4).jpg

5.Product Testing of the Airman Oil Filter

Airman Oil Filter.jpg

6.Deliver and Shipping of product picture

Airman Oil Filter.jpg

6.Cooperative customers picture

Airman Oil Filter.jpg

7.Exhibition pictureAirman Oil Filter (2).jpg

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