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Air filters are filters that allow air flow to be purified of undesirable substances such as odors, dust, moisture,...
Air can be filtered for various reasons: prevent pollution, protect people by purifiying breathing air, or filter the air intake of the installations.
Whatever the application, we offer solutions for most filter problems.
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1.Product Introduction of the bolaite air filter


1. Regular back flushing should be conducted according to the use conditions.
2. The rated air inflow of the filter must be larger than the rated air inflow of the engine.
3. You should choose the filter element with low intake resistance, but large dust-holding capacity.
4. Place the filter element in the dry, ventilation place, thereby avoiding the moisture caused damage.

The air filter designed for the bolaite air filter screw air compressor is used to remove the dust or dirt from the air required for gasoline to burn in the engine. It can prolong the service life of the filter element, oil gas separator, and oil, while preventing the impurities from entering into the engine.

The air filter filter removes impurities such as dust, sand, moisture and oil mist suspended in the ambient air.

The process of cleaning and roughening the surface of the substrate by the impact of high velocity sand flow.

Sandblasting can increase the roughness of the bonding surface of the end cap and ensure the bonding strength based on the sealing of the end cap and the filter layer.

2.The product construction  

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3.OEM Replacement Filters










4.Part number


5. Testing center

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6.Cooperative customers

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7.Application field

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