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Bolaite Air Oil Separator 6229046800

The function of air oil separator is to separate the oil and air from the oil and gas mixture compressed into the cylinder by the main engine, and separate the oil from the oil and gas mixture to obtain relatively clean compressed air for use in the gas unit. Install the oil core in the upper part of the cylinder.
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1.Product Introduction of the Bolaite air oil separator 6229046800

Many air compressor manufacturers continue to improve the product quality of oil and gas separators through technical transformation and reduce the oil content of compressed air. Some oil-injected screw air compressor users also regularly replace the use of better quality oil separators.

2.The picture of the Bolaite air oil separator 6229046800

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3.OEM Replacement Filters

AYATER designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of Filter and Strainer Replacement Elements which are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with industrial OEM filter manufacturer elements.

See our Filter Element Cross Reference Interchange to find the AYATER equivalent to an OEM filter element.

4.Part number of the Bolaite oil separator 6229046800


5.Product Testing

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