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Specifically designed to fit your original equipment, our air oil separators offer equal to or better than performance based on each manufacturer's stringent specifications. Since our suppliers specialize in filtration, they are able to take OEM requirements and combine that knowledge with their filtration experience to build a superior separator.
1.Various oil filter/air filter/oil separator available
2. High quality,competitive price,prompt delivery,considerate service
3.Professional manufacturer of filters
4.Provide OEM Service
We have Replace filter element for Brand for air compressor filter element: LIUTECH FUDA ,ELMAN ,BOLAITE, MANN , KAISER ,COMPAIR , FUSHENG ,ATLAS COPCO ,INGERSOLL RAND ,SULLAIR ,BOGE , KUNXI ,LANGCHAO etc
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1. Product Introduction of the bolaite air oil separator

Remark: the above parameters are obtained under the conditions of rated working pressure and rated flow. Besides that, the maximum temperature is no more than 120℃. And the DAH lubrication oil ruled by GB/T7631.9-1997 is used. Prior to the separating, the oil content is no more than 3000ppm.

Diversified in variety and stable in performance, the air oil separator specifically dedicated for the Atlas Copco screw air compressor enjoys a favorable reception from the overseas clients. It comes with the service life up to 4,000hours. With this product, the oil content of the compressed air can be controlled within 3 to 6ppm. Meanwhile, the oil mist particles size is controlled below 0.1μm. The initial pressure difference is no more than 0.02Mpa.

The filter paper has a hot melt type between 20-100 ° C for easy folding forming.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the entire filter paper surface, the convex portion for maintaining the spacing is pressed into the filter paper. As part of maintaining the spacing, it is more foamed, creased or embossed. Combining the spacer support and the optimized pleat pattern allows for maximum filtration area in a relatively small space.

If you need it, please feel free to contact us, we will use your professional knowledge and sincere attitude to answer your questions.Your trust is an important source of progress for our company. Welcome to visit our factory.All our staff are waiting for you in China.

2.The product structure of the bolaite air oil separator

bolaite air oil separator (2).jpg

3.OEM Replacement Filters










4.Part number of the bolaite air oil separator

1625165754 1625165751
1625165745 1625165747

5.Product Testing of the bolaite air oil separator

bolaite air oil separator (3).jpg

6.Cooperative customers of the bolaite air oil separator

bolaite air oil separator (4).jpg

7.Exhibition of the bolaite air oil separator

bolaite air oil separator (1).jpg

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