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CompAir Air Filter A11516974

Our air filter dedicated for the Compair screw air compressor can obviously help you solve the problems, such as high cost of filter materials and spare parts, frequent equipment failures, low efficiency in equipment use, high labor intensity, etc. Therefore, it is good for improving your productivity.
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1.Product Introduction of the A11516974

The air filter is suitable for normal temperature, normal humidity, general gas filtration, filtering out solid particles in the gas to ensure the cleanliness of the system. Our company can produce a variety of air filter cartridges, a variety of non-standard air filter, customers can customize. The air filter produced by our company is widely used in chemical, medical, electric power, automobile and other industries. Has won the trust of our customers.

2.The product structure of the  A11516974

CompAir air filter A11516974  (1).jpg

ayater filtration,ayater filter (130).jpg

3.OEM Replacement Filters


4.Part number of the A11516974


5.Product Testing

CompAir air filter

6.Cooperative customers photos

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7.Exhibition pictures

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