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Compressor Oil Filter

The micron glass fiber layer used for oil and gas separation
separates the oil droplets from the compressed air and then sticks them together into larger oil droplets,
which are then returned to the compressor oil path.
This separation process can reach the submicron level,
thus ensuring the minimum fuel consumption of the compressor and the amount entering the compressed gas pipeline.
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1.Product Introduction of the compressor oil filter

A device for removing solid dust, oil and gas particles and liquid matter from compressed air.Compressed air from the compressor head entrains large and small oil droplets. Large oil droplets are easily separated by the oil and gas separation tank, while small oil droplets (suspended oil particles below 1 um in diameter) must be filtered through the micron and glass fiber filter layers of the oil and gas separation filter.

Oil and gas separation can be realized in three steps:

1. Oil droplet separation

2. Separation of fine oil droplets.

3. Oil recovery collection.

Oil filling machine

The precise control of the glue temperature and the amount of glue injected ensures higher stability of the product.

Nowadays, many industries use air compressors, which are indispensable equipment in the industry. Air compressors are also called compressors. They are a kind of machine that transports gas and raises gas pressure. 

It is the core equipment of pneumatic system. The main body in the priming source device is a device that converts the mechanical energy of a motive (usually an electric motor or a diesel engine) into gas pressure energy, and is a pneumatic generating device for compressed air.

 For the equipment that supplies compressed air in each workshop in the factory, the atmospheric air sucked from the outside is compressed by screws, bolts, etc.,

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2.OEM Replacement Filters

Ingersoll randCompairKaeser
Gardner DenverKobelcoMitsuiseiki

3.The  photo 

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4.Product examination 

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5.Deliver of the compressor oil filter

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6.Cooperative clients 

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7.Production workshop 

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