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Fusheng Air Filter 2605700750

The air filter specially designed for the Mann screw air compressor adopts the filter materials imported from America. Made with numerous small holes, it is extremely excellent in filtering effect. Meanwhile, this product has excellent resistance to corrosion. It is even more durable when used in the temperature below 110℃. Most importantly, this scientifically designed product is processed with the advanced technology, which can ensure the clean and pure compressed air. It has a wide range of application.
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1.Introduction of the Fusheng filter 2605700750

Blocked air filtration will cause energy loss and waste of electricity in the air compressor.

2.The product structure of the Fusheng filter 2605700750

Fusheng air filter 2605700750  (4).jpg

ayater filtration,ayater filter (132).jpg

3.OEM Replacement Filters

Mann Quincy
CompAir Hitachi

4.Part number of the filter 2605700750

71161412-66010 71161211-66010
71182-66010 71184-66010

5.Deliver and Shipping Product

Fusheng air filter (2)

6.Workshop pictures

Fusheng air filter (3)

7.Exhibition photos

Fusheng air filter (3)

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