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1.Product Introduction of the fusheng air oil separator

Safe Use

1. A safety valve is set on the cap of the air oil separator. When the pressure inside the separator is 1.1 times more than the set value, it will automatically open to discharge some air for lowering the pressure. When the air compressor is working, you can slightly pull the rod on the safety valve. If the valve can exhaust outward, then it needs no replacement or repairing.

2. The separator is installed with a pressure gage to test the pressure before filtering. On its bottom part, a discharging valve is fixed to regularly release the precipitated water or dirt.

3. It also has a transparent mirror to show the oil level. When the air compressor works normally, the oil level should be in the middle part. Otherwise, the higher or lower oil level will affect the safety of the machine.

4. This type of air oil separator should be made by a professional manufacturer, since it is a pressure vessel. Each separator is available with the exclusive serial number and certification.

Filter material: HV glass fiber imported from domestic CSG and the United States

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2.The product structure of the fusheng air oil separator

fusheng air oil separator.jpg

3.Part number of the fusheng air oil separator


Original P/N








4.Products send to Kazakhstan

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5.Production site

kaeser oil filter (1).jpg

6.Exhibition of the fusheng air oil separator

fusheng air oil separator (4).jpg

7.Product Application of the fusheng air oil separator

fusheng air oil separator (1).jpg

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