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Ingersoll Rand Air Filter Housing

We do not recommend blowing out the inlet filter when it becomes clogged,
instead it should be replaced. Depending on the environment,
your air filter should be inspected at least once per month.
Please contact our sales team with any questions
regarding your air filter or maintenance on your compressed air system.
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1.Product Introduction of the ingersoll rand air filter housing

Air compressor air filter is an important protective barrier for air compressors! Filtration of airborne dust impurities in the air compressor, the cleaner the air intake, the more reliable the service life of the oil filter element, oil and gas separation core and oil;

Prevent other foreign materials from entering the host, because the components of the host are very precise, and the important cooperation clearance is generally 30-150μ. Therefore, the entry of foreign materials will inevitably cause damage to the host, causing the host to “lock up” or even scrap

Material: High-precision filter paper

Lifetime: Usually 2000 hours, can be adjusted according to environmental conditions.

Empty filter plugging alarm

The setting is generally -0.05 bar

Over-use cycle effect:

1. Insufficient supply of gas and exhaust affects normal operation of equipment and affects production

2. Excessive filter resistance, increased unit load, and increased energy consumption

3. The filter element may be damaged. Impurities enter from the damaged area, affecting the normal movement of the cylinder, and causing the power compression device to be scrapped.

2.The product construction of  the ingersoll rand air filter housing

ingersoll rand air filter housing (1).jpg

ingersoll rand air filter housing (2).jpg

3.OEM Replacement Filters

The production workers are very skilled and the raw materials are strictly tested. We can provide products with the same performance of other brands, for example,










If you need , please feel free to contact our sales staff, we will be happy to help you.

4.Goods sent to India

ingersoll rand air filter housing (6).jpg

5.Clients visit the production site

ingersoll rand air compressor filter (3).jpg

6.Testing Center

ingersoll rand air filter housing (4).jpg

7.Application field

ingersoll rand air filter housing (3).jpg

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