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Ingersoll Rand Oil Filter 36860336

The function of the air compressor filter is to enter the oil-tight air generated by the main unit into the cooler, and then enter the oil and gas filter to filter, and block and polymerize the oil mist in the gas, so that the oil droplets gather at the bottom of the filter element and return through the oil return pipe. The smoothing system of the compacting machine makes the air compressor discharge more pure and high-quality compact air; in short, it is the equipment to remove solid dust, oil and gas particles and liquid substances in the air.
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1.Product Introduction of the Ingersoll Rand oil filter 36860336

Filtering accuracy: 10~15μm

Service life of the lubrication oil filter element: about 2000h

Apply lubrication oil to the gasket during installation.

Inferior or mismatched lubrication oil will lead to formation of carbon, which consequently results in shorten the service life of the filter.

2.The picture of the Ingersoll Rand oil filter 36860336

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3.OEM Replacement Filters

AYATER designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of Filter and Strainer Replacement Elements which are functionally and dimensionally interchangeable with industrial OEM filter manufacturer elements.

4.Part number of the  36860336


5.Product Testing of the I36860336

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6.Deliver and Shipping of the  36860336

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7.Cooperative customers of the 36860336

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