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Kaeser Air Filter 6.2003.0

AYATER supply and service air compressors filters to the global markets.AYATER can provide air compressor filters in the highest specifications required for your production.Our air compressor filter element USES the highest quality material to achieve maximum durability.We supply a range of industrial air compressor filters to meet the different conditions!
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1.Product Introduction of the Kaeser filter 6.2003.0

The air filter of the air compressor is a component that filters out air dust and dirt, and the filtered clean air enters the compression chamber of the screw rotor to compress. The particles inside the screw machine are only allowed to filter out within 15u. If the air filter plug is damaged, a large amount of particles larger than 15u enter the screw machine, which not only greatly shortens the service life of the oil filter and the oil separation core, but also causes a large amount of particles to directly enter the bearing cavity, accelerating the bearing wear and increasing the rotor clearance. The compression efficiency is reduced, and even the rotor is bitten and dead.

2.The product structure of the Kaeser filter 6.2003.0

Kaeser air filter 6.2003 (2).JPG

ayater filtration,ayater filter (5).jpg

3.OEM Replacement Filters

Our AYATER program can supply replacement filter elements that provide "will fit" and "will function" interchangeability including:


4.Part number of the Kaeser filter 6.2003.0


5.Product Testing

Kaeser air filter (2)

6.Deliver and Shipping of products

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7.Cooperative customers pictures

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