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Kaeser Air Filter 6.4143.0

Our air filter is designed with the performances as below: 1. Its filter fineness is no more than 10um. 2. The filtering efficient is up to 99.8%. 3. Under the condition of normal application environment and good engine oil, the filter can be used for at least 2,000 hours or so.
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1.Product Introduction

The air filter filters out various impurities in the air to ensure that clean air enters the engine, allowing for more complete combustion and smooth air system. High quality air filters are an important part of the engine's normal operation.

We provide a variety of high quality air filter, widely used in various commercial vehicles, engineering machinery, mining machinery, generator sets and other fields. Using high-quality raw materials, advanced technology, and carefully designed to meet the stringent requirements of various customers on the air filter.

2.The picture of the Kaeser air filter 6.4143.0

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3.OEM Replacement Filters

All manufacturers' descriptions, names and part numbers are for reference only. All trade names referenced are the trademarks, service marks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. AYATER does not claim to produce other manufacturer's filter and/or strainer elements.

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