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Kaeser Air Filter 6.4163.0

This type of air filter is connected to the inlet valve of the Ingersoll Rand screw air compressor through the joint and screwed pipe. It can remove the dust or other impurities from the air. This filter applies American HV or Korean AHLSTROM pure wood pulp filter paper. All of its production processes are strictly supervised and guided by our technology department and quality inspection department. As a result, our product is of high quality. It has been highly acclaimed by a majority of users. Any way, the normative operation process and strict quality control system allow the excellent product quality.
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1.Product Introduction of the air filter 6.4163.0

An air cleaner is a device that purifies air. Dust, sand and various impurities in the air, if directly in the engine cylinders, will accelerate the wear of the engine, thereby reducing the service life of the engine and even causing serious damage to the engine. In order to increase the air passage area, the filter element mostly processes many small pleats. When the filter element is seriously damaged, the filter element should be replaced in time.

2.The product structure of the air filter 6.4163.0

Kaeser air filter 6.4163 (4).JPG

ayater filtration,ayater filter (4).jpg

3.OEM Replacement Filters

Our AYATER program can supply replacement filter elements that provide "will fit" and "will function" interchangeability including:


4.Part number of the Kaeser air filter 6.4163.0


5.Product Testing

Kaeser air filter

6.Cooperative customers photos

Kaeser air filter (2)

7.Production workshop photos

Kaeser air filter

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