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Kaeser Oil Filter 6.1985.1

oil Filter structure: 1.Superior filtration material imported Europe,American,Japan & domestic material. 2.Stainless steel inner frame 3.hydrophobic foam sleeve outside 4.High copy appearance same with original filter & element 5.Same dimension with original filter can be installed on the filter directly.
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1.Introduction of the Kaeser oil filter 6.1985.1

It can filter out more than 90% of mechanical impurities, colloids and asphaltenes in diesel oil, which can ensure the cleanliness of diesel and improve the service life of the engine. The oil itself contains a certain amount of gum, impurities, moisture and additives. At the same time, during the working process of the engine, the introduction of metal grinding debris, the entry of impurities in the air, and the generation of oil oxides make the impurities in the oil gradually increase. If the oil is not filtered and directly enters the lubricating oil circuit, the impurities contained in the oil will be brought into the friction surface of the moving pair to accelerate the wear of the parts and reduce the service life of the engine.

2.The picture of the Kaeser oil filter 6.1985.1

Kaeser oil filter 6.1985 (2).JPG

ayater filtration,ayater filter (142).jpg

3.OEM Replacement Filters

We manufacture air filter and oil filter , air oil separator for air compressor  for following brand and more .Replacement for air compressor :

AtlasCopcoGardner Denver

4.Part number of the Kaeser oil filter 6.1985.1


5.Deliver and Shipping products

Kaeser oil filter

6.Cooperative customers pictures

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7.Production workshop

Kaeser oil filter

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