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Kaeser Oil Filter 6.3462.0

Compressor oil filter use an principle
As the same as oil separator, oil filter is also an important part of the air compressor.
Oil filter can filter the metal particles and impurities in the compressor lubricant,
so that the oil into the host is very clean to protect the safe operation of the host.
Made with advanced manufacturing equipment and strict inspection equipment,
our oil filter designed for the screw air compressor is characterized
by high quality, good filter fineness, and long service life.
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1.Product Introduction of the Kaeser oil filter 6.3462.0

1. If excessively used, the filter may be blocked, which will result in the insufficient oil return amount. The insufficient oil return amount will then give rise to the high exhaust temperature, which in turn shortening the service life of oil filter and increase the oil consumption. In addition, it will affect the lubrication of the engine. Thereby, the engine service life will be seriously cut down.

2. Once the filter is broken, then the impurities will get into the engine and cause the damage.

1. When installing the oil filter, lubricate the sealing gasket with oil.
2. The better the oil quality is, the longer the filter can be used. The use of inferior or unmatched lubricating oils will accelerate the generation of carbon deposition, thus shortening the service life of the filter.

2.The product picture of the Kaeser oil filter 6.3462.0

Kaeser oil filter  6.3462 (3).JPG

Kaeser oil filter  6.3462 (2).JPG

Kaeser oil filter  6.3462 (1).JPG

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4.Part number of the Kaeser oil filter 6.3462.0


5.Compressor Air Filter

空滤 (22)

6.Compressor Air Oil Separator


6.Production workshop picture

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