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Kaeser Oil Filter 6.3464.1

The air compressor filter element has the effect of filtering out the dust and sand in the air, and the air compressor filter element ensures that the air compressor enters a sufficient amount of air for cleaning. The air compressor should suck in a lot of air during the operation. If the air is not filtered, the dust suspended in the air will be inhaled, which will aggravate the wear of the machine. If larger particles enter, it may even cause damage to the machine.
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1.Product Introduction of the Kaeser oil filter 6.3464.1

The performance of the oil filter directly affects the performance of the engine and plays a key role in the normal operation of the engine. The oil filter has high filtration precision, small flow resistance and long service life. There is also a full-flow split-type composite machine filter. Under the premise of ensuring engine performance, provide a large degree of protection for the engine to reduce your maintenance costs.

2.The product structure of the Kaeser oil filter 6.3464.1

Kaeser oil filter 6.3464 (3).jpg

ayater filtration,ayater filter (140).jpg

3.OEM Replacement Filters

Our AYATER program can supply replacement filter elements that provide "will fit" and "will function" interchangeability including:


4.Part number of the Kaeser oil filter 6.3464.1


5.Production workshop

Kaeser oil filter

6.Exhibition pictures

Kaeser oil filter

7.Product Application

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