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Liutech Air Oil Separator 2205406518

The air compressor filter element has the effect of filtering out the dust and sand in the air, and the air compressor filter element ensures that the air compressor enters a sufficient amount of air for cleaning. The air compressor should suck in a lot of air during the operation. If the air is not filtered, the dust suspended in the air will be inhaled, which will aggravate the wear of the machine. If larger particles enter, it may even cause damage to the machine.
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1.Product Introduction of the Liutech air oil separator 2205406518

Because of how it's constructed, you won't find one of our air/oil separators failing prematurely. Built with such features as steel metalwork, nylon endcaps and metal to metal welding, with our air/oil separators your compressor can perform better and last longer.

2.The picture of the Liutech air oil separator 2205406518

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3.OEM Replacement Filters

AYATER supply and service air compressors filters  to the  global wideindustrial markets.AYATER can provide air compressor filters in the highest specifications required for your production.Our air compressor filter element USES the highest quality material to achieve maximum durability.We supply a range of industrial air compressor filters to meet the different conditions!


4.Part number of the Liutech air oil separator 2205406518


5.Product Testing of the Liutech  2205406518

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7.Production workshop of the Liutech 2205406518

Liutech air oil separator

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