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Technical data
Structure: the inner and outer metal mesh, and the middle material is filter paper
1. Media rating: 5-10um
2. Fillter efficiency :98%
3. Working life:about 2000hours
4. Material :filter paper of pure wood pulp from USA and Korea
5.Construction:Cartridge Filter
The important role of the oil filter in the air compressor filter - reduce mechanical friction, reduce noise, and ensure the life of the air compressor!
We have Replace filter element for Brand for air compressor filter element: LIUTECH FUDA ,ELMAN ,BOLAITE, MANN , KAISER ,COMPAIR , FUSHENG ,ATLAS COPCO ,INGERSOLL RAND ,SULLAIR ,BOGE , KUNXI ,LANGCHAO etc.
We produce hydraulic filtration and air compressor filter and compressor air filter and air oil separator filter and compressor oil filter and filter cart . We provide filtration solution on air and oil.
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1.Product Introduction of Sullair Air Filter

The filter material of the air filter is generally filter paper, and there are two kinds of domestic southern Hangzhou paper and Korean Oslo paper, and a special type is American HV glass fiber. There are two types of end caps: metal end caps and PU end caps. The inner layer mesh, also known as the inner skeleton, uses a diamond or circular perforated plate. The air filter has a distinction of pass or pass, the filtering precision is 5-10 microns, the number of folded layers of the filter should not be too sparse, and the number of folded layers is too small, which will affect the filtering precision.

2.Product Some models of the Sullair Air Filter







3.Product Details of the Sullair Air Filter

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4.OEM Replacement Filters

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5.Product Testing of the Sullair Air Filter

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6.Picture of customer visit

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7.Application of the Sullair Air Filter

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