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Filter Bag

The filter bag has the unique gap of ordinary felt filter cloth,
good air permeability, high efficiency dust collecting and long service life.
Its temperature resistance grade is moderate,
instantly up to 150 degrees , acid and alkali resistance is moderate,
and has very good wear resistance.
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1. Product introduction of the filter bag

Filter bag structure should meet the requirement of filtration and dust collecting in the corresponding the same time, it should be easy to install, have good sealing while having relevant filtration area and condition.

The selection of filter bag matieral working conditionmust be used in the full understanding and filter under the condition of technical conditions.

Fillter material performance should meet the production conditions and the general situation of the dust collectionprocessingand special requirements.

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2.The Product picture of the filter bag

filter bag (7).JPG


filter bag (9).JPG


filter bag.JPG


3.Cooperative customers 

filter bag (10).jpg

4.Product Testing 

filter bag (2).jpg

5.Deliver and Shipping 

filter bag (4).jpg

6.Production workshop 

filter bag (3).jpg

7.Product Application 

filter bag (1).jpg

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