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It is can be uesd in biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, airport terminals, residential environments, etc.
Provide clean air and create a good environment for you.
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1.Product Introduction of the Pre-filter2

The Pre-filter is to obtain clean air that can reach the standard. The general ventilation filter is an instrument for capturing and adsorbing dust particles of different particle sizes in the air to improve the air quality.

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2.Product Application of the ;Pre-filter2

Used in biopharmaceuticals, hospitals, airport terminals, residential environments, etc.

For example, with central air-conditioning systems, high-end venues, airport high-speed rail stations, shopping malls and hospitals are all secondary filtration requirements, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, operating rooms, laboratories, etc. are three-level filtration.

3.Products Features of ;the ;Pre-filter2


General used for central air conditioning and centralized ventilation system pre-filter, gas turbine and air compressor pre-filter.


Small resistance,

Long life,

Firm structure,

Large filtring area,

Difficult to deform in the case of high winds and humidity.

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Q:Is there customers visit your factory?

A:Yes, every year our factory have customers from different countries to visit, and many of them have already built good cooperation relationship with us.

Q:Will you provide samples?

A:Yes, absolutely,but the charges need to according to our warehouse stock, and you need to pay for freight cost.

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