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Gas/Liquid Coalescing Cartridges

Gas/Liquid Coalescing Cartridges

The primary focus of the JPMC 40256-0.3-SS de- sign is to provide highly rated efficiencies (to beta 1000) without compromising the element service life.
In order to achieve this combination we select filtration media with exceptional contaminant hold- ing properties,
but comparatively low flow resis- tance.
By lowering saturated pressure drop this coalescing cartridge effectively reduce operating cost.
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1. Product Introduction of the gas/liquid coalescing cartridges

AYATER JPMC 40256 series dry gas filter cartridges are high effi- ciency filter elements specifically designed for the removal of solid particulate contaminants in critical applications. They are available in various grades of absolute rated high performance medias with hardware customizable to suit your application. These large surface area pleated resin bonded cellulose media cartridges are completely customizable and designed to provide the optimum combination of particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability.

2.Product Testing of the gas/liquid coalescing cartridges

gasliquid coalescing cartridges.jpg

3.Working principle of the gas/liquid coalescing cartridges

gasliquid coalescing cartridges .jpg

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