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Molded-End Filter Elements

Molded-End Filter Elements

APPLICATIONS The following are among the most common applica- tions where the molded-end filter elements Heavy De-sanding applications Downstream of a catalyst bed General fine solids removal in critical air and gas related applications
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1. Product Introduction of the molded-end filter elements

AYATER molded-end pleated filter elements are designed to replace any manufacturer's elements of this design in gas service. The GasPleat ME Series filters are molded from high quality plastisol that seals the ends of the elements while acting as a gasket against the sealing plates in the filter housing. A wide selection of media is available including cotton, rayon, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, Teflon®, Nomex®, and fiberglass. 

2.Deliver and Shipping of the molded-end filter elements

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3.Working principle of the molded-end filter elements

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