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Pleated Synthetic Cartridges

Pleated Synthetic Cartridges

The following are among some of the most common applications where the pleated synthetic cartridges:
Formation protection during gas flooding
Downstream of a catalyst bed
Heavy De-sanding applications
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1. Product Introduction of the pleated synthetic cartridges

AYATER JPME 4536 series dry gas filter cartridges are high effi- ciency filter elements specifically designed for the removal of solid particulate contaminants in critical applications. They are available in various grades of absolute rated high performance polyester me- dia with hardware customizable to suit your application. These ultra high surface area pleated cartridges are completely customiza- ble and designed to provide the optimum combination of particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability. The AYATER  Model JPME 4536 is mechanically bound with robust tin plated steel end caps and components designed specifically for the demands of the oil and gas industry. The filtering media is then attached to the end caps and core via a highly resistant adhesive to prevent any possibility of by-pass. Finally, tin plated steel outer cartridge encasements are designed to protect the pleat integrity against erosion caused by high flow rates assuring even flow and contaminant distribution across the effective surface area of the filter cartridge.

2.Deliver and Shipping of the pleated synthetic cartridges

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3.Working principle of the of the pleated synthetic cartridges

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