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Polypropylene Filter Elements

Polypropylene Filter Elements

The following are among some of the most common applications where the polypropylene filter elements:
Gas processing facilities
City Gates turbine meter protection
General fine solids removal in critical air and gas related applications
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1. Product Introduction of the polypropylene filter elements

GasPleat P Series pleated synthetic polypropylene dry gas elements are high efficiency filters specifically designed for the removal of solid particulate contaminants in critical gas applications. Polypropylene exhibits excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, and hydrolysis. They are available in various grades of absolute rated performance polypropylene media with hardware customizable to suit your application.

2.Product Testing of the polypropylene filter elements

polypropylene filter elements (2).jpg

3.Working principle of the polypropylene filter elements

polypropylene filter elements (1).jpg

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