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Dry Gas Filter

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Dry air filter can remove solid particle out of the air effectively. It is used to remove dust and rust out of the air. High performance filter is crucial for protective treatment of air and subsequent precise equipment of transporting system. 

After nature air with impurities enters into the filter, larger particle impurities strike on the tube of filter, being separated from the nature gas. Then tiny solid articles are removed from the nature gas when nature gas flows into the filter. 

Finally, nature gas flows out of the filter. We use quick opening closure and blind flange on one end of the equipment to switch when replacing the cartridge. Using quick opening closure can save time and using bling flange can reduce the cost.

 Our filter uses advanced and reliable cartridge to guarantee the performance of the equipment. There are many options of cartridge materials: ultrafine glass fiber, polyester, polypropylene, nylon. Different materials can meet different requests.

Main Technical Parameter:

• Standard of production: GB150 or ASME

• Material of vessels: carbon steel, stainless steel

• Material of cartridge: Ultrafine glass fiber, polyester,    polpropylene, nylon

• Accuracy of filtration: 0.1um, 1um, 2um, 3um, 5um

• Efficiency of filtration: 99.98%

• Installation: Vertical or horizontal


Equipment characteristics:

• Removal of solid particles out of nature gas with high efficiency and high precision.

• Protect subsequent equipment. Unique seal design guarantee the cartridge’s performance and stiffness.

• High efficiency, high precision, high workforce.



• Removal of drier particles in nature gas

• Removal of catalyst particles

• Gas distribution system in city

• Protect subsequent equipment

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