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2002--2007Early stage of business

2002.08Established long-term cooperative relationship with domestic large-scale Guodian and Angang

2003.05 The first time our company moved to a new home

2005.11Participate in (PTC) Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition

2007.06The establishment of a foreign trade team marks the internationalization of SAYA  products.

2007.08Company's anniversary celebration was successfully held.

2007.12Company’s New Year’s Day celebration was successfully held

Early stage of business

After 5 years of experience in the hydraulic filtration industry and adhering to the modern scientific management model, General Manager Wang YanNa established a high-quality and high-level team to take the lead in the production of imported replacement filter elements, and took a leap step in the hydraulic filtration industry.


2008.02The second time our company moved to a new home  which was in XinXiang,DaZhaoYing Large camp industrial cluster area filtration park

2008.08Successfully imported XTools enterprise vitamin "CRM enterprise management software "in the enterprise 

2009.03 Company established "SaYa Learning Day", which opened the learing day and training every Saturday.

2009.09Company officially signed a cooperation agreement with "Sany Heavy Industry CO., LTD."

2010.05 Malaysian customers come to visit our company

2010.12Russian customers come to visit our company

2011.11Company formally established a marketing department, responsible for the promotion and planning of the company.




2012.01Summary 2013, start 2014 General Assembly

2012.03Guan Shan  "First Field Outreach Training",Experience the beautiful scenery while feeling the power of team unity

2013.05Saya sales staff to carry out three-day and two-night "full sales system" training

2014.04Saya Filter won: China's top 100 cattle dealers of the year

2014.10General Manager Wang Yanna was invited to the Alibaba headquarters to study and train with 30 corporate executives. 

2015.05Company held the "Elite Sharing Conference of the Year"

2015.05Saya became the "China's first store - Wangfujing Department Store", the designated supplier of air filter products


2016.03Saya Filtration expands production scale, purchases 8,000 square meters of factory area, begins construction

2016.04In order to expand the foreign trade market, we established the branch in Ningbo.

2017.03Xinxiang Radio went into Yuya Filter and made a special interview with General Manager Wang Yanna.

2017.052017 Dongguan Air Compressor Exhibition was successfully held

2017.06Iraqi customers came to the company for a field trip, and Saya got an order from the Iraqi government.

2017.07Saya Filter participated in the 22nd International Petroleum Exhibition (WPC)

2017.11Saya Filter participated in the 2017 PTC exhibition and achieved excellent results.

2018.03Saya Spring Games was successfully held

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