Analysis The Development Trend Of The Current Automotive Filter Industry In 2016
Aug 10, 2018

In recent years, the rapid development of China's auto industry has driven the demand for auto parts market, and of course inevitably brought business opportunities to the filter industry. In China, the filter industry is an industry that needs to focus on development. According to statistics, although there are more than 1,000 filter enterprises in China, most of them are small enterprises, and there are even many small workshops of family workshops.


There are only over 30 major enterprises listed in the national statistics in the whole industry, and few of them have their own brands and perfect sales network channels. At present, the domestic filter industry market is very competitive. Although national brands and independent brands have relatively obvious advantages in the after-sales market, the domestic high-end filter market is mainly occupied by foreign capital and joint ventures. Domestic filter manufacturers lack obvious competitive advantages in terms of product price, quality improvement and technology research and development. The fierce market competition, the uneven enterprises, the lack of product technology, etc., have made the filter industry still have no monopoly or near monopoly. Since 2009, due to the rising raw materials, the increase of labor costs, the economic factors of domestic and foreign markets, and the small scale of domestic filter companies, the filter manufacturers face enormous survival challenges.

According to the research report and market prospect forecast report of China's automobile filter industry released by China Industrial Research Network in 2016-2022, the total market demand for vehicle filters in China will reach 570 million sets in 2011 and 1.16 billion sets in 2020.

The huge filter market has attracted the attention of many manufacturers, resulting in fierce competition in the current filter industry. Self-owned brand filter companies are striving to maintain their respective market shares, and multinational companies have poured in and quickly seized the market for most high-end filters. The domestic filter market is highly competitive, and there are no large-scale enterprises in the industry that form monopoly or near monopoly.

In general, the market share of self-owned brand filters still has an advantage, especially Xinxiang Saya Filter Co., Ltd., which is a leading enterprise in the industry. With the increase of production capacity, AYATER's filter products not only meet the needs of the domestic OEM and after-sales service market, but also have a considerable number of filters exported to Europe, North America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The quality of self-owned brand filters has been greatly improved, but it is undeniable that the biggest advantage lies in cost performance. All materials used in our products are subjected to rigorous quality testing and specific treatment to ensure longevity and reliability.

At present, the price competition between independent brand filters is still very intense. From the perspective of market share, independent brand filter enterprises have certain advantages, but multinational companies have begun to occupy an increasingly important market position, almost monopolizing the supporting market for high-end brand filters. Man Hummel, Mahler, Sogefi, Fleetguard, Donaldson, and other multinational filter companies have invested in China. There are more than 10 joint venture filter companies in China, and there are nearly 10 foreign-owned filter companies. The competition between these foreign brands is equally fierce.

The filter is a consumable part of the car and needs to be replaced regularly. Therefore, sales of aftermarket filters are very large. The number of filter companies competing for the aftermarket is far more than the supporting market. Most filter companies that focus on the supporting market have a certain share in the auto parts market.

In the aftermarket of the filter, the brand concentration is very low. According to the “2016-2022 China Automotive Filter Industry Status Analysis and Market Forecast Report”, based on the research conclusions of the automotive filter industry for many years, combined with the Chinese automotive filter The development status of the industry market, through the senior research team to analyze all kinds of information in the automotive filter market, and relying on the national authoritative data resources and the database of long-term market monitoring, conducted a comprehensive and meticulous investigation and research on the automotive filter industry.It can help investors accurately grasp the current market situation of automobile filter industry, predict the prospect of automobile filter industry for investors to make investment, explore the investment value of automobile filter industry, and put forward suggestions on investment strategy and marketing strategy of automobile filter industry.

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