The E-Commerce Operation Is Seven Steps, Creating A Filter That Cannot Be Rejected!
Aug 10, 2018

Deal = Explanation Reason + Core Product + Unique Selling Point + Zero Risk Commitment / Negative Risk Commitment + Scarcity And Urgency + Price Details + Special Reminder


Explanation Reason

Why explain why? The reason is very simple. People like to find a reason for themselves no matter what they do. The same is true for customers.

For example, the sales of our domestic trade, sold a filter, a few hundred dollars, the normal to be thousands, it sounds like a fake, because it is too cheap, of course, customers have doubts. At this time, we sold a very simple thing, that is to explain the reason, we are an alternative filter, compared to the brand filter, they add brand effect, advertising investment, of course, the price is high, but we can do the original replacement There is no difference between the filtering effect of the filter paper and the filtering precision and the original ratio. There is no overhead of miscellaneous expenses, of course, the price is the same as the original one. You can purchase as many as a few hundred.

A few simple sentences can be regarded as clever explanations. You must have expensive reasons, and you should have cheap reasons for cheapness. Otherwise, users will naturally wonder.


Core Product

All the filter products sold must use the words or pictures to convey the core value of the filter to the other party, such as filter selection, production process, delivery deadline, etc. The core customers are more concerned about it.

The most taboo thing to do with e-commerce is to put products and services there, and leave nothing to let customers think about it.


Unique Selling Point

Uniqueness is what the opponent does not have. It is best that others do not have it, do not dare to have it, and do not want it.

How to create a unique selling point for the filter?

It's very simple. Advocate not to be the first, just to be unique, the selling point is unique enough, the user is more likely to notice, and focus on the results the customer wants. Unique selling points can be expressed in a simple and clear way. If your selling point can't even be expressed in a simple language, then this is not a unique selling point. Unique selling points must be critical.


Zero Risk Commitment / Negative Risk Commitment

When selling filter cartridges, there are only two obstacles. The first one is the trust problem, and the second one is the risk issue. Even if the user already believes in you, it still can't achieve zero worry and zero concern. Therefore, e-commerce needs a strong commitment: What if we do not achieve the guaranteed result after purchasing our filter? Can return! As a seller, there must be a worry, what should the user really do?

No problem, our product filter is no problem, with zero risk commitment will not increase the after-sales return rate, a large number of tests show that almost no one returns. Instead, it increases the trust of customers.


Scarcity And Urgency

This is a necessary condition for people to make quick decisions and move quickly. These two elements should be included in your claim, but keep in mind that design scarcity and urgency must be credible. For example, when ordering with the customer to transfer the time, after the expiration, the price increase will not be said, the delivery date will not be guaranteed, the customer will not listen to you, delay the order in advance, and once again, after the best period order, the customer can not guarantee the original. Delivery period.


Price Details

How is the price talking about it?

When talking about the price, it is necessary to explain the market price of this filter, which can bring about much value. First, put the value of the price and then tell the final price, so that the customer will feel reasonable when accepted.

German marketing psychologist Siegfried Walker wrote in his 25-year research that 90% of recipients will first look at the "special reminder" section...

People are eager to pay attention to "special reminders" and are interested in this. Therefore, the writing of special reminders on the e-commerce page is very important, so specifically remind you how to write specifically, what points should you pay attention to?


Special Reminder

Special reminders should emphasize the maximum benefit of the filter, as well as the zero-risk commitment + scarcity and urgency mentioned above. Be brief and powerful, and finally end with thanks.


No mistakes, in the e-commerce industry, a filter can not be rejected is the combination of these details.

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