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AYATER’s JPEX Series conical style elements coalesce extremely fine liquid particles from

natural gas, such as lubricating oil downstream of a compressor. The flow pattern through the element

is from the “inside-to-outside”, reducing the gas velocity as the droplets are being removed.

JPEX elements are used in chemical plants, compressor stations, pipelines and other industrial facilities for the removal of liquid aerosols, amine carryover, entrained water, lube oils, and other

liquid contaminants from natural gas. JPEX

elements are available in various grades of high performance micro-fiberglass with hardware to suit specific applications.


Standard Micron Rating:0.3µ

Recommended Initial DP:< 0.5 psid

Recommended Change-Out DP:15 psid

Maximum Temperature:275° F

Burst Pressure:> 50 psid

Flow Direction: Inside to Out

onfiguration :Single Open End With O-Ring


Coalescing Media: Pleated Micro-Fiberglass

Drain Layer:Needled Polyester

Core:Electro-Galvanized Steel

Supports:Tin Plated Steel

End Caps:Zinc Plated Steel & Nylon


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