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Dry Gas Coalescer Filter

Dry Gas Coalescer Filter

Good versatility and compact structure.
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The coalescer filtration is devided into liquid-liquid coalescing and gas-liquid coalescing.

The filter layer is made of hydrophobing material, so the oil without water can go through, water is separated outside.

This filter is applied to the drying of various types of gas,  and can make vapor mist particles which in the gas  separated, achieving the purpose of drying.

This filter is applied to separation of liquid—liquid that is non—melting mixture, such as liquid water.

Coalescer filter adopts a specially designed filter layer and takes the advantage of affinity interaction of the material surface for media, when the medium flow filtration layer, coalescer medium particles are adsorbed on the surface of the fiber, the tiny particles of dispersed phase interact, gather and form larger droplet.

Coalescer is divided into: Liquid—liquid and gas—liquid, Since the separation filter element is composed of the hydrophobic material, only anhydrous oil is allowed to go through, while the hydrophilic droplet is blocked out, and set at the bottom of the system by the action of gravity, the oil and the hydrophilic liquid flow out th rough the different to realize liquid separation in different phase. Separation is oil—water separation.

Coalescer Filter

1. Multi-layers complex structure filter paper, high filter precision.

2. Large dirt holding capacity, long service time.

3. High flow density, reduced fine filter size.

4. Fiber glass layer, good coalescing effect.

5. The filter structure and material meet standard requirements.

6. Many specifications, can meet requirement for different filter precision.

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