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Fiberglass Coalescing Filter Elements

AYATER filter specially formulated non-disarming medium contains no glass fibers and is less prone to disarming in the presence of surfactants. This means longer life of the coalescers filters compared to other glass fiber coalescers.
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Fiberglass Coalescing Filter Elements

The first step is to remove the solid contaminants using a cartridge filter. Solids can increase the stability of an emulsion and can plug the coalescer, thereby reducing its efficiency. Removing solids will precondition the fluid for optimum coalescer performance. During coalescence, the droplets to be separated from the bulk fluid are captured by the high-performance coalescer medium. The droplets then move through the coalescer media (with progressively larger pores) and are coalesced to form larger droplets. Lastly, the large droplets are released. After the droplets are released from the media, the phases are separated either by phase separators or by gravity in the settling zone.

Fiberglass Coalescing Filter Elements


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Fiberglass Coalescing Filter Elements

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