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Fuel Coalescer

Good versatility and compact structure.
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O Series Coalescer and SO Separator Remove Water and Dirt from Diesel, Jet Fuel and Avgas.

Reduces free and emulsified water to less than 50 ppm in diesel, and less than 15 ppm in jet fuel/avgas.

Used  for continuous removal of free water

For use in the Facet SuperFlex housings in diesel and jet fuel/avgas service.


The Velcon coalescer and separator are installed together in the Facet SuperFlex housing to remove water and dirt from fuel. The fuel passes from the outside to the inside through the coalescer. Dirt is filtered out of the fuel and free/emulsified water in fuel is coalesced. The coalesced water droplets, which form on the inside of the coalescer, are repelled from going further down-stream by the separator. The water settles down to the sump where it is manually drained.


Maximum Operating Temperature is 160°F / 71°C

Flow direction: outside to inside

pH range: 5 to 9

Coalescer Changeout at 15 psid

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