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Coalescer Cartridge

Model CB Coalescer Cartridges

Model CB Coalescer Cartridges

Standard Design Features:
•Multi-layered media for increased solids holding capacity
•Solids removal: 5 micron
•Water removal down to 10 ppm
Balanced cartridge flow characteristics
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1. Product Introduction of the Model CB Coalescer Cartridges

AYATER  Model CB coalescer cartridges provide high flow and low  initial pressure drop. There cartridges are widely used in petroleum bulk storage terminals, turbine fuels, lube oils, refineries, and many other industrial applications.

Each coalescer cartridge is constructed of various media, precisely arranged in many layers and pleats, and wrapped around a perforated metal center tube for balanced flow and structural strength. All are encased in an outer sock material. Cartridges are  6” OD (152 mm) by 3 ½” ID (89 mm) and are available in standard lenghts from 11 ¼” (280 mm) to 57 ¼” (1450 mm). They are dimensionally interchangeable with AYATER's full range of 6” OD coalescer cartridges.

2.Size of the Model CB Coalescer Cartridges

Nominal Length
11 ¼285
CB1414 ½370
CB2222 ¼565
CB2828 ¾730

3.Production details of the Model CB Coalescer Cartridges

Model CB coalescer cartridges.jpg

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