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EPIC™ II Dual Layer Melt Blown Elements

EPIC™ II Dual Layer Melt Blown Elements

AYATER manufactures coalescing filter elements to separate liquid aerosols:
such as: water and oil from air or gas streams.
The elements have a hydrophilic core to condense liquid aerosols into droplets
that are large enough to be drained away via gravity.
Coalescing filters are a dual function product: they also remove submicron solids.
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1. Product Introduction of the EPICTM    IIDual Layer Melt Blown Elements

Durability, flexibility, consistent performance, and extended service life, that's what to expect when you employ EPIC II melt blown

elements in your filtration application. Manufactured with dual zone  technology, EPIC II elements offer optimized filtration properties while raising the bar for structural integrity. 100% polypropylene construction provides excellent chemical compatibility in a broad range of fluid applications, including acids, bases, salts and many organic solvents. Polypropylene elements use 100% FDA compliant materials, assuring safe use in food and beverage applications. With a wide range of lengths, end cap configurations and grades we are sure you will find that the EPIC II offers the flexibility to fit in most commercially available vessels. Convert to EPIC II today for

longer on-stream life and lower operating costs

2.Product Testing of the EPICTM    II Dual Layer Melt Blown Elements

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3.Production details of the EPICTM    II Dual Layer Melt Blown Elements

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