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GritGard™ Series PEPP/PEPS

GritGard™ Series PEPP/PEPS

Coalescing filter elements are also used to separate immiscible liquids
such as water from fuels and oils with different densities.
In this role, they can provide dry,
particulate-free jet fuels, diesel fuel,
turbine fuel, lube oil or insulating oil.
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1. Product Introduction of the GritGard™  Series PEPP/PEPS

Designed for installation in AYATERt Series 30 inline gas filter housings, GritGard Series PEPP & PEPS cartridges remove dust, scale, rust, sand and other particulates from small volume air and gas streams. Featuring your choice of durable synthetic or economical cellulose filter media, GritGard cartridges offer flexibility to meet your application needs. Synthetic media offers a high level of protection against erosive contaminants, provides longer service life and performs with absolute efficiency. Cellulose media offers nominal efficiency at an economical price. All models are configured with a single open end and robust compression spring ensuring a tight seal that won’t bypass contaminant.

2.Deliver and Shipping of the GritGard™  Series PEPP/PEPS


3.Production details of the GritGard™  Series PEPP/PEPS

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