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Dyna-Clear™ F High Capacity Felt BAGS

Dyna-Clear™ F High Capacity Felt BAGS

Dyna-Clear F series high capacity filter bags provide consistent filtration of
fluids in a wide variety of applications. The random interlocking of micro- denier felt fibers
provides efficient depth filtration at increased flow rates.
Dyna-Clear F filter bags are best utilized in process streams with
contaminants of a broad particle size distribution or where gels are present.
Rigid internal quality control standards help to assure consistent and repeatable filtration performance over time.
Dyna-Clear F series filter bags are available in four different materials of
construction providing excellent compatibility with a wide range of process fluids.
Optional surface treatments are offered to reduce fiber migration and enhance filtration performance.
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1.Product Introduction of the Dyna-Clear™ F High Capacity Felt Bags

•Consistent Filtration Across a Broad Range of Particles The Dyna-Clear F depth media provides consistent filtration performance on a broad array of contaminants from rigid particles with broad particle size distributions to semi-solids and shear sensitive particles. Sheer surface barriers like that found in many other bags blind off or allow a high percentage of these contaminants to migrate through. Eliminate frequent bag

change-outs due to media blinding and stop contaminating your process with contaminants that make it through other bags. Install Dyna-Clear F bags today.

•A Single Bag for All Your Applications

Choose a single product series that meets all your application needs. Dyna-Clear F bags are available in grades from 1 - 200 micron and offer configurations that easily fit most commercially available vessels.

2.Product production process of the Dyna-Clear™ F High Capacity Felt Bags

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3.Deliver and Shipping of the Dyna-Clear™ F High Capacity Felt Bags

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