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Dyna-Clear™ M High Performance Mesh BAGS

Dyna-Clear™ M High Performance Mesh BAGS

Dyna-Clear M Series high performance mesh bags provide efficient and
reliable filtration of fluids in a wide variety of applications.
Dyna-Clear M filter bags are constructed with a proprietary range of
woven filter media in two fiber grades: multifilament and monofilament.
Dyna-Clear multifilament bags are manufactured from fiber strands consisting of
thousands of micro-denier interwoven fibers.
The strands are woven in a specific pattern to create a very uniform pore structure
across the filter bag. The result is an economical filter bag that provides consistent filtration performance.
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1.Product Introduction of the Dyna-Clear™ M High Performance Mesh Bags

•Sharp Particle Cut-off

In processes that require particles of a certain size to be removed with   precision an ordinary bag won't do. The woven media that      is used in the Dyna-Clear M forms a precise  sieve  assuring  that your products and  process  streams  are  on  spec.  Expect  less waste product and downtime associated with inconsistencies  in filter performance.

•High Performance

What do we mean by "High Performance"? Expect longer service life and less energy consumption without compromising filter efficiency. Save on power, waste disposal, and maintenance expenses when you install Dyna-Clear M bags in your applications.

•Consistent Filtration

The media in many bag filters is prone to deformation and shifting under stress. This causes inconsistencies in post-filter impurity levels.

Dyna-Clear M bags yield remarkably consistent filtration. Reduce product and process variability. Install Dyna Clear M bags today.

•A Single Bag for All You Applications

Choose a single product series that meets all your application needs. Dyna-Clear M bags are available in grades from 5 - 800 micron  and offer configurations that easily fit most commercially available vessels.

2.Product production process of the Dyna-Clear™ M High Performance Mesh Bags

Dyna-Clear™ M.jpg

3.Product Testing of the Dyna-Clear™ M High Performance Mesh Bags

Dyna-Clear™ M (2).jpg

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