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Filters are usually installed in the inlet filter of the hydraulic system to
remove the metal particles and liquid media pollutants and protect the normal operation of the equipment.
When the fluid enters the filter, The impurities are clogged and
the filtrate is purged from the filter outlet.
When cleaning is required, remove the filter cartridge
from the filter and install it with industrial liquid.
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1.Introduction of Polypropylene Filter Elements

It can reduce the relative surface friction of the hydraulic components, improve the system reliability and guarantee the safe and high efficient operation of the system.

Hydraulic oil filter is mainly used for the hydraulic system filtration of the rolling mill and continuous casting machine and for the filtration of lubrication equipments. It is also used for oil refining, product separation and recycling during chemical production, well water injection in oil field and dust removal, particles filtration in natural gas.

2.OEM Replacement Filters

Our AYATER program can supply replacement filter elements that provide "will fit" and "will function" interchangeability including:


3.The structure of the Polypropylene Filter ElementsPolypropylene Filter Elements.jpg

4.Customer cooperation picture

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5.Product Testing

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6.Deliver and Shipping pictures

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7. Production workshoppictures

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