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Commercial Marine

PECOFacet offers many treatment products used for all kinds of boats, from small fishing boats to huge passenger or cargo ships.  Our experience makes their installation and operation easier for the operators.  PECOFacet's continuing R & D efforts have resulted in a wide range of products that have made us a leader in the maritime market. We offer a wide range of fuel and water treatment products and systems meeting the latest requirements.

Military Marine

PECOFacet offers fuel, lube oil, and water treatment units designed specifically for the military marine market.  We have delivered units meeting the most stringent requirements and certifications including shockproof, soundproof and antimagnetic products.

Our know-how in filtration and separation, together with our experience in handling of fueling systems, has enabled us to develop an expansive range of Marine products. Today we supply filtration for inflight fueling, Seawolf and Virginia Class Submarines, DDG Class Destroyers, AOE Class Fast Combat Support Ships, USNS Class Cargo and Medical Ships, LHD Class Amphibious Assault Ships, CVN Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carriers, MHC Class Mine Hunter and MCM Class Mine Countermeasure Ships.

Offshore Marine

PECOFacet provides total filtration solutions by bringing together the products, experience and expertise needed for your company to get the best results in your offshore facilities.  Discover our range of products specially designed for the offshore market, from units of filtration and separation to sewage and fuel treatment systems.

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