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2016 Guanshan Development Training Perfect Ending
Aug 09, 2016

The day just dawned, AYATER sales department's elite arrive punctually the appointed gathering place, takes the bus to start a day of field development training! The training ground is a national geological park (scenic area), Henan Guan mountain, the mountain is located in the taihang mountain foothill, in the town of hui xian city in henan province in the eight, the area is about 34 square kilometers, is a stone forest, in fort gorge, represented by the sight, and qingxi deep pool, sea of clouds feibao fountain, loose type of geology of national geological park (scenic area).

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Just after 8 o 'clock, all the personnel arrived smoothly, gather.

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Drillmaster explaining safety knowledge and matters needing attention.

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There are high and low challenge elements in this outward bound training, so that everyone can be enhanced at the individual and team level by training in crisis awareness, leadership, communication, facing adversity and so on. Emphasize learning by doing.

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The whole team set off and the day's training began.

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Listen to coach password, "one, two, start!"

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Below are all push-ups, one person responsible for the points.

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The purpose of this project is to test everyone's tacit understanding and unity. After three times, the coach's command just came out and the uniform effect was immediately presented.

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The following is the coach's order, in 10 minutes divided into two groups, think of their team's name and slogan.

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First came the blue team, team name "flying dragon" slogan: flying dragon, flying dragon, a soaring sky!

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Next red team not to be outdone, team name: Marine corps, slogan: army, army, sweep thousands of troops!

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The red team showed off its team spirit

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Blue team is also full of morale!

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At the end of a tense, full and short day, everyone has different characters and feelings. Some are mature, some are warm and cheerful, some are gentle and elegant, and some are optimistic and confident. New improvements in the company's execution. I believe that in the future work and life, everyone will have different progress and improvement. I believe that we will give full play to our potential in the platform of AYATER and create miracles for our company!

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