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2017 China Filter Top Ten Brand Selection
Feb 17, 2017

Brand Ranking Network is a portal for brand selection services. The industry covered is comprehensive and the list is updated quickly. First of all, the rankings are selected by the public vote, which represents the recognition of the brand in the market. Secondly, the function of the website is relatively clear, and the top ten brands in various industries are selected for the public. It is a website that can be trusted by consumers, and it has invisibly added some credibility to the certification of our brand strength. 

AYATER (1).jpg

AYATER has the honor to participate in the selection of the top ten brands of Chinese filters in 2017. We participate in the voting. On the one hand, we understand the evaluation of our brand by our old customers. On the other hand, we also attract more users to understand the brand of our brand and enhance the brand awareness through the appeal of the website. After the selection, the brand ranking network announced the results of the selection on major websites, so that many distributors and consumers know and understand our brand of filtering, this is just the beginning, we will continue to innovate in the future, present to consumers. A more perfect quality service, do not live up to the love of the vast number of consumers. 

AYATER (1).png

From the day of participating in the selection, the number of brand votes voted by AYATER was directly increased to the top ten from the beginning, and even entered the top five of the top ten brands in China! Of course, the promotion of the brand awareness of Yuya is inseparable from the concerted efforts of the AYATER family. It is inseparable from the support of the AYATER partners, and everyone who cares about the filter is not concerned! 

Under the leadership of AYATER King, we have excellent teams, honest partners, and confidence to participate in the 2017 China Filter Top Ten Brands. I believe that the brand of AYATER will certainly sing the global filter. industry. We walked all the way, rain or shine, and participated in the promotion of the brand of AYATER. The continuous expansion of the brand is inseparable from the efforts of the partners behind the silent support of AYATER. 

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Thanks to the growth, thanksgiving for each of the people who pay for it. partner. AYATER will continue to uphold the values of “Being a Man-Gratefulness, Respect, Responsibility, Commitment, Passion, Dedication, Goal, and Win-Win” and do our best to serve every customer. I believe that through the joint efforts of all of you, there will be more customers and AYATER hand in hand, cooperation and win-win! 

There is a power to let us go. There is a power that makes us brilliant. There is a power to make our dreams come true. Believe in the power of the brand--AYATER

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