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2017AYAYTER Welcomes An Iranian Customer Visit
Dec 17, 2017

2017 nears its end, we welcomed a foreign friend's visit, this is we know each other on the platform of an Iranian filter dealers, because we talk so well, in order to more long-term cooperation between us, the customer has come to our DaXin Township, came to our factories. 

AYAYTER (5).jpg

The Iranian customer came to our company for a special field visit this time to see how strong we are. His requirement is that the engineering machinery filter element mainly looks at the hodek filter element this time.

AYAYTER (6).jpg 

The customer first visited our workshop, and the detailed requirements of the product process are very strict. Our salesman explained each production process to the customer professionally. 

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The customer is in the finished product assembly area of our workshop and greatly appreciates the process details of the finished product filter element. Because the customer has high requirements on the production process, such as welding, sewing, appearance, etc., the customer raised some questions, our salesman answered them one by one. 

AYAYTER (3).jpg

The customer was satisfied with the inspection, so the model was determined on the spot and the production sample was required. 

AYAYTER (4).jpg

This is the client talking with our salesman. During the inspection, the customer was also very interested in the filter element of our air compressor and took samples for market development. Such a pleasant discussion lasted until sunset. It can be seen that our customers were serious and affirmed to us. Through this visit, I am sure that we will get to know this new customer more and more, and there will be more and more opportunities for cooperation in the future. If you are still considering whether to cooperate with Ayater, you can contact us at any time.We welcome your visit at any time. Through the visit, I believe you will have more confidence in our strength.

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