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Air Compressors Encounter Smog Days? Not Afraid, It Is Enough!
Nov 13, 2003

Haze has become a heated public topic, and people talk about haze as if they were talking about it. Haze has a great impact on people's health, so what harm does it do to air pressure opportunities? Today we're going to do an analysis.


If the air compressor does not have the air intake filter device, the suspended particles in the air will directly lead to the deterioration of the air intake quality, the particles will mix with the compressor oil, increase the load of the oil filter, and shorten the life of the oil. For centrifugal or oil free compressors, particles will also be attached to the rotor, which will affect the dynamic balance of the impeller, leading to high vibration value, surging and other faults. On the other hand, chemical reaction occurs with the internal surface of the machine, resulting in damage to rotor, bearing, sealing and other parts; With the increase of the fouling accumulated on the rotor surface, the aerodynamic performance of the compressor will be affected, and the machine performance will also decline.

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Of course, at this time, the air compressor is required to air filter as a "mask" against external smog. The filter material of air compressor is usually made of wood pulp filter paper, which is mainly used to remove dust, sand, water, oil mist and other impurities suspended in the air. As can be seen from the air filter parameters of the air compressor, the air filter can completely intercept PM10 particles, and can intercept most PM2.5 particles. When the air filter of the air compressor works normally, the excessive PM2.5 particles will accelerate the decrease of the cross section area of the flow channel, aggravate the load of the filter and shorten the filter life greatly.


In modern industrial production, compressed air is more and more widely used, and is playing an increasingly important role in improving production efficiency, product quality, automation of production operations and work reliability. The compressed air discharged by air compressor contains a large amount of water vapor, oil vapor and dust mixed impurities. If the compressed air containing these impurities is directly sent to the compressed air service equipment, it will bring the following adverse consequences to the entire system of the air compressor:

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1. High-pressure oil and steam gather in the system pipe to form combustible or even explosive mixture. At the same time, oil is vaporized at high temperature to form an organic acid, which has a corrosive effect on metal equipment.

2. As the mixture of water, oil and dust is deposited in the pipeline, the circulation area of the pipeline is reduced and the airflow resistance is increased. When serious, even cause pipe blockage, cause whole system to work unsteady.

3. During the freezing season, the condensation of water vapor will damage the pipes and accessories due to freezing.

4. Dust in compressed air and other impurities, which may cause grinding action on components with relative movement, which may cause leakage, and affect the accuracy and service life of the equipment.

5. Compressed air used for paint spraying, chemistry, food or precision parts treatment, such as water, oil and impurities, will pollute the product, reduce the quality of the product, or even scrap the product seriously.

 As air quality deteriorates dramatically, this overloading situation will not improve any time soon and will probably continue for a long time. This situation will lead to the air filter of air compressor service life greatly reduced, even up to 88% of the life shortened; Meanwhile, the air intake resistance of air filter of air compressor is increased, and the energy consumption of air compressor is increased. We should take the initiative to communicate with the customer about this situation and remind the customer to replace the air filter in time to ensure the continuous normal operation of the air compressor.



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