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An Unusual Birthday Party
May 21, 2013

Yesterday, we held a birthday party in the AYATER family! ! Both birthdays have a birthday. As the melody of the happy birthday song slowly reverberated, the general manager of the company, together with the staff, gathered around the birthday cake and sang "Birthday Song".

AYATER (1).jpg

The birthday party has been done many times, and the birthday is still the first time. I feel that the big family is getting warmer and warmer. Please ask Shouxing first.

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Corporate culture is the flag of the company's spirit and its importance to the development of the company. Through this kind of activity, let everyone experience it personally, let everyone feel that culture is around.

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AYATER is a platform for expressing self, harvesting and realizing the value of life. Everyone is learning and growing, and the team is constantly growing and growing. We are an inseparable family.


Being a man - gratitude, respect, responsibility, tolerance

Do things - passion, dedication, goals, and win-win

AYATER Outlook on life

Serious life, happy work!

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