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AYATER 2017 Winter Games----Speed And Passion
Dec 11, 2017

At 3 pm on December 9, 2017, the AYATER Winter Games started on time. The atmosphere of the game was full of unity and hard work, leaving us with a lasting aftertaste that was coming to an end.

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There are still three weeks of workdays left on New Year's Day. We need to sprint immediately, for our year-end goal, come on! In the afternoon, a sports meeting will be held to reflect the speed and passion of the Shuya people. 

Here is the real start of the Games:

Activity first: icebreaking

1. Everyone is surrounded by a circle

2. Each person describes himself: no more than 10 words. Who is behind me? Up to 5 people.

Our lovely colleagues, hardworking, simple, and loved, resolute and handsome. 

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This link has deepened the familiarity of our entire team, especially the production and sales departments and the marketing department’S In-depth understanding .

3. The moderator arbitrarily said that the person pointed out needs to describe the description characteristics of the three people on the opposite side.

4. Losing boys 10 push-ups, girls 10 picking up

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Activity second: the show of style;

The host prepared A and B, the family randomly selected, quickly set up two groups, less than ten seconds, the Dragon team quickly formed, the loud team called: Dragon Flying Dragon, flying into the sky! Each team member also has a uniform team logo: a small red flag. Vigorous. Singing unity is power, showing your confidence to the other opponent. The winning team is not to be outdone: the winning team will win! A "believe in yourself" sang the strength and determination of his team.

The red square paper on the left arm of each player is their team logo.

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Activity third: skipping relay

50 rope skipping relays, we are all desperately jumping in each group, for fear that one of our own lame feet will drop the speed of our team! In fact, many of our colleagues are uncomfortable, have colds and low fever, have footaches, but have not withdrawn, are all biting their teeth and insisting on jumping, this spirit of persistence deserves our study and praise! 

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Finally, our dragon team will jump after the relay! Leading the jump! The Dragons won! Although our winning team is already behind the Flying Dragons, our last team member insisted on skipping the last 50. Spirit is commendable.

Activity fouth: Team leggings This activity mainly reflects the tacit understanding and team spirit of our employees. Our Flying Dragon team has been quickly tied up and practiced in the only three minutes of preparation time. Both teams are full of confidence. What kind of contest is this next? The first thing that started was the Flying Dragons. With the “start” of the host, the slogans of the whole team were unified, the pace was the same, and they walked toward the end. They completed 47 seconds with the concerted efforts of everyone.

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 The winning team has to start, and the players in the middle seem to be not so smooth, but everyone worked together to lead the Dragons with a good score of 39 seconds and get a small red flag.


Activity fifth: the relay of the small baton that runs in the hand, conveys the tacit understanding between our players, conveys the passion, conveys the speed, the fierce scene, makes us feel the heart, everyone puts in the force Not only for victory, but more importantly, we understand a precious spiritual unity! 

ayater (5).jpg

This teammate has dropped a little distance, and the next one I will catch up, even more than! This is a relay of speed and perseverance. Time is solidified here. It is not a long distance, just a few seconds. It takes a whole heart.

Finally, each department shouted its own department's slogan: 2017 sprint, come on


Our domestic and foreign trade sales: the contract flies all over the sky and the order will soar in 2017 without interruption

 Our Marketing Department: for more inquiries, our market takes a lead.

 Our production department: start in peace and end in prosperity. The games have come to a successful conclusion. There is no sophisticated vocabulary. It also confirms the slogan of our sanya: dream of youth, stage of youth, our AYATER is shining with extraordinary splendor!

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