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AYATER--Celebrate The National Day And Mid-Autumn With You
Oct 05, 2017

On October 1, 2017,AYATER welcomes the arrival of National Day and Mid-Autumn festival together with you! In this small holiday, you are ready to go on a trip or to celebrate the double festival with your family or to run into a marriage on this good day.

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Happy to welcome the National Day, the friends of AYATER did a careful layout of the office area, see this a small red flag, beautiful small flag, solemn small flag, united small flag; Look at this bright red color, see this red she is a vibrant, she is a hope! 

National Day day is a feature of the modern nation state, which came into being with the emergence of the modern nation state and became especially important. It has become a symbol of an independent country, reflecting the country's display of power, enhancing the confidence of its people, embodying cohesion and giving play to its appeal, which are the three basic features of National Day celebrations. 

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Thanks to the national guard every family at the same time, also want to thank the customer give AYATER of trust and support we have prepared some exquisite gift in advance to express our thanks and gratitude, thank you to AYATER has been attention, gratitude every trust our customers friends, we will with the product strives for perfection to feedback customers, let customers have a better buying experience. We will also sell our filtering products all over the world, so that AYATER products around the world! Let the world use made in China! (AYATER is a 15 years of production, research and development, sales for the integration of professional filter manufacturer, since the establishment at the beginning of is industry and trade integration of enterprises, after years of development, gradually transformed into industrial filter manufacturing industry an important brand, in domestic and foreign owners broad market 30 and can provide high quality industrial filter products, and focus on the oil and air filtration solutions.

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AYATER located in xinxiang, a filtering town, provide quality industrial filters and focus on oil and air filtration solutions. The main products are: hydraulic fluid filter element, oil filter; Filter products and accessories of air compressor filter element and air filter. At present, in China has successfully owned tens of thousands of customers and exported to 68 countries on foreign continents, and has many distributors abroad. In the end, I wish you all: National Day,  together with the Mid-Autumn festival people reunion AYATER welcome your arrival! National Day Mid-Autumn double festival holiday notice: according to the national statutory holidays and our company's business situation, this year's Mid-Autumn festival and the National Day holiday, holiday arrangements: on October 1, 2017 solstice 6 holiday, a total of 6 days. We go to work on Saturday, October 7th. During the holiday, QQ online service will be suspended and the service hotline on duty will be unblocked. If you have any questions, please call manager wang. Please kindly remind your friends who plan to go out for sightseeing to arrange their own time in advance. The weather is changeable during the National Day holiday. Wish everyone a happy Mid-Autumn festival and a happy National Day in advance! Xinxiang Saya Filter CO,. LTD.

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