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AYATER:Ending 2017, Winning 2018
Feb 23, 2018

In 2017, our AYAER’s friends worked hard together, felt sad and happy. In 2017, we persisted in achieving our own goals. We forgot the time in the sour, sweet and bitter work every day. Compared to 2016, our AYAER’s friends have made great progress. We believe: "Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance".

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This is the annual summary meeting of “Winning 2018” launched for the new challenge. Our AYAER’s friends shared their efforts and shortcomings in their work in 2017 , laying the foundation for preparing for 2018. AYATER is a solid backing for everyone to increase confidence in the assault. We have been focusing on the filtration industry for 15 years. We are able to provide high quality industrial filter products and focus on oil and air filtration solutions.

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After years of development, AYATER has gradually turned into an important brand in the industrial filter manufacturing industry. We are rushing forward with the flag of the war, and only for the purpose of serving the people, we are going to the country and the world. AYATER is confident to become a big company in the national and world-class filtration industry.

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As in ancient times, we wrote the "military order" of the warlords, and in order to accomplish the goal, we will never look back. This is the faith and glory of the younger friends.

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At the same time that we "catch the battlefield", of course, our "military officials" are indispensable. Thanks to their efforts, customers can trust the strength of AYATER. Our products are tested by customers and  deeply cooperated. They lay a deep foundation for us.Our main products are: hydraulic fluid filter, oil filter, air compressor filter and air filter and other filtration products and accessories, and we can customize the products to satisfy customers according to customer information requirements. Ayater is located in the “Hometown of Filtration – Xinxiang”. We are a professional filtration manufacturer with 15 years of production, R&D and sales. We are united, only for a better tomorrow, a successful team not only needs the team's harmonious cooperation, but also needs the support of a belief. We are striving for the stage of going to the world. "On the way, you have me, Xinxiang Ayater, filter the world."

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