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AYATER Is Training On ISO Standards, Striving For High Quality Products
Mar 12, 2018

Xinxiang Saya Filters Co.,Ltd has invited ISO instructors to train our company. In order to improve ourselves, we also want to make customers more confident when choosing AYATER products. AYATER has been making unremitting efforts to become an excellent brand in China's filtering industry. Here's what ISO is.


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a global non-governmental Organization anda very important Organization in the field of International Standardization. ISO  comes from the Greek word "ISOS", which means "EQUAL" -- EQUAL. The ISO was established in 1946, and China is an official member of the ISO. The national organization representing China in the ISO is the China national bureau of technical supervision (CSBTS).


Its aim is to promote the development of standardization worldwide, so as to facilitate international material exchange and mutual assistance, and expand cooperation in knowledge, science, technology and economy. Its main tasks are to formulate international standards, coordinate worldwide standardization efforts, and cooperate with other international organizations to study standardization issues.


The standard covers everything from basic fasteners and bearings to semi-finished and finished products, and technical areas include information technology, transportation, agriculture, health care and the environment. Each agency has its own work plan, which lists the standard items (test methods, terminology, specifications, performance requirements, etc.) that need to be developed.


ISO quality system standards include ISO9000, ISO9001, ISO9004. The ISO9000 standard defines the quality management and quality assurance system and is applicable to production and service enterprises. The ISO9001 standard provides guidelines for conducting and auditing quality management and quality assurance systems. After 2000 version of ISO9000 series, 9002 and 9003 are integrated into iso9001:2000 standard. So only ISO9001, ISO9002 and ISO9003 have been used for certification. ISO9004 is a performance improvement guide, not used for certification, but only for internal comprehensive performance improvement guide.


Xinxiang Saya Filters Co.,Ltd mainly produces: oil filter filter filter filter filter filter filter filter filter filter element air compressor filter element oil separator filter element and other filtering products and accessories.

The company wins the market with the quality, bases itself on the market with the price, strengthens the market with the service, develops the market with the innovation as the aim, with: the product development, the design, the sale, the service "one-stop sales model, wholeheartedly serves the society all circles users! Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the development and production of filtration products, and invested in advanced production and testing equipment. The products are strictly checked, especially the company's environmental protection filter elements series. The products have been widely used in hydraulic station system, steel rolling equipment, engine processing equipment, petrochemical industry, automobile, engineering machinery and other fields.


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